Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 2

Week 2 was horrid. It started with Ian getting sick, and Mr. G and I followed about 24 hours later.  I was down for days.  Mr. G was finally able to go back to work on Wednesday.  I still felt yucky on Thursday.  (probably because of my arthritis medication.  It's an immune system depressant, and it always takes me longer to recover.)  So I had a rough time being way less than my normal self and having a toddler to chase.  We watched a lot of Pirates, and Aristocats, and Despicable Me.  So most of my photos are from Friday -Sunday this week.  We can make that work! 

I used the Paislee Press wood grain card template to make my title card this week.  The tissues, Tylenol and hand sanitizer seemed to sum up the week so well.  I used Ali Edwards on the picture of Ian and I playing outside.  ( Thank you Mr. G for picking up the camera!)

These cards are from the January Studio Calico PL kit.  Now that I have moved my craft room back upstairs, (Post coming this week) I am hoping to actually use those awesome veneers and other embellishments I have been hoarding.

This card is from Seafoam and the book stack is from Paislee Press Book of Firsts kit. 

Yes, the dates are incorrect on my title card.  I have fixed it.  I had my week three dates wrong too.  Ian is usually on my brain and I frequently find little mistakes I have to remedy.  lol

Friday, Ian's grandma came to take us to lunch and for a bit of shopping.  I needed to get Ian a few shirts and pants.  He had grown since his birthday already and all his clothes were too short.  We also went to Target which I don't normally do because they don't have a lot of the things on my list and they have a ton of things that aren't on my list.  I got out spending less than $40 so I grabbed some Starbucks to enjoy when Ian and I were home and he was napping.  mmmmmmm.

I did a flip card to add a few random shots from the week.  My parents celebrated their 39th anniversary on Sunday and Ian actually posed and smiled for the photo!  My parents were miserable sick so we didn't get to visit.  So thankful for Facetime this winter!  We are all only 30 miles apart, but between someone being sick, and the horrid weather, we never get to see each other. 

I feel like I have really found my groove for Project Life now.  It takes me a lot less time to prepare my photos and put my spreads together.  Doing hybrid has forced me to be more selective with the photos and I have gotten better at taking pics too so that helps.  It only took a year!  I will try to do a post in February about my hybrid process.


  1. Gorgeous armoire! Love your style! Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to your video!

    1. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but I won't be doing a video about my PL process. Just a blog post. I have tried a few times in the past, and it is just not possible with a toddler in the house! lol