Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moving My Craft Room (Again)

Our basement is c-o-l-d.  I have arthritis.  These things do not go together.  I was not getting to spend any time in my craft room and I was dragging my heavy albums up and down the stairs several times a week along with my embellishments and adhesive, and scissors, and cutters, and stamps, and, you get the picture.  So I am moving my stuff back up to my computer desk.  I can already tell this is working ever so much better.  I am CAUGHT UP!  Week 3 is complete and I just need to photograph it.  I am amazed with myself. 


My armoire is a piece that was built for me by my grandfather.  Those wonderful drawers that were actually built for VHS tapes (yes, VHS) and cd's.  Well, now, they are housing my favorite things and keeping them out of the hands of my two year old weapon of mass destruction. 
Top drawer: used to be for remotes and manuals, now it holds all my wood veneers.  I found mini ramekins at Tuesday Morning for the little guys, and have a divider from one of my core kits for bigger stuff.  The egg tray was from Amazon.

Drawer #2 is for Project Life cards, stamps, washi, and various other ellies like alphas, rub-ons, and stickers and such.  I found the woven baskets at Michaels, the white baskets are from Walmart, and I am using some 5x7 photo pockets that didn't fit in my albums (some kind of WRMK) to hold my small collection of clear stamps.  Baby food jars hold some of my sequins.   

Drawer number three has contact paper, photo paper, envelopes, notebooks, candy, and the little make up bags I use to put my camera pieces and other things in my big purse.

Drawer 4 is random stuff and this is the drawer I have to watch because it will get filled with junk.  For now, it has my paints, and a few gadgets,  3M products like hooks and picture hangers.   

I don't have anything in my SC boxes, they are just there to look pretty.  I will fill them with things soon. 

A basket to put stickers, enamel dots, and other embellishments that I haven't sorted yet.  I found it at a second hand store.  I find pretty much all my storage at second hand, Tuesday Morning, or TJ Maxx.  We have no Ikea or Container Store here.

I don't have a lot of 12x12 paper so a flat box from Michael's is enough storage for now.  the metal file holds papers I need and envelopes for bills and such. 

The paper tray was from Costco.  I have cardstock, kraft paper, and colored cardstock along with my Silhouette mat.  And in the file holders above, I store vellum and other flimsy papers.

The deep cabinet under the "bar" is perfect for my albums.  I see that I will only be able to fit maybe 7 years in there if I don't want to keep any other things in the cabinet.

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