Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project Life 2013 │ Week 51

Week 51 was all about baking.  We took advantage of one 25 degree day to take Ian sledding for the first time and made it to story time, but most of the week, the oven and mixer were running.  
I used several Ali Edwards brushes this week along with some pieces from my Studio Calico Project Life kits and a few digital elements from Paislee Press.

I am working really hard this week to get my December Daily done.  I have 7 days left to complete.  Being sick last week and having Mr. G and Ian sick too really threw me.  I was still exhausted as of yesterday.  I haven't been awake long enough to day to see how I feel.  lol
I have completed my 30 Days of Thankful pages.  I just need to photograph them.  Without a toddler trying to walk on my photo board and turn the pages.  :) 
I am also hoping to photograph my move from craft room back to my kitchen.  I was not able to ever spend any time in the basement.  I tend to have 5 things I am doing at once and since the computer and printer are in the kitchen, I was dragging my album upstairs all the time to work on it.  (Not to mention, it has gotten cold down there!  My hands don't cooperate at all unless it's 70 degrees.  And even then, it can be a struggle depending on the day. 
Hope you are all enjoying the new year!

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