Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 14 - CIrcus!!!

I didn't use blue this week!!!  I was really inspired by Karla Dudley and Ange Designs's Hop Happy collection.  The yellow, pink and grey was so fun!

Perfect title card for this week! 

One of my favorite daily moments.  He wakes up, walks out to the kitchen saying mom, dad, then lays down on Woof Woof while I get his breakfast ready.

Yes daddy, we want to teach him to eat ice cream on the sofa.  lol

I used photoshop to switch out the background on an Amy Tangerine card for the weekly doings.

It was time again for the Shrine Circus!  Ian had a lot more fun this year, and a lot more tantrums. :)

I had been saving the cotton candy card from my Studio Calico Sugar Rush kit just for this occasion!  And I realized that Amy Tangerine's Cut and Paste was perfect for the circus!

Had to drop in the tickets!

The elephants seemed to be Ian's favorite.  He wouldn't leave them!  And when they preformed, he chucked his light ring three rows down because he was so excited.  Thank to the nice people in front of us who tolerated him! 

Waiting for grandpa, grandma, and Krystin.

The bouncy slide was fun too!  I thought he would need help, but he climbed right up and slid right down.

Next year, I will remember to use my flash if we are up so high again.  But I would rather get reserved seats!  My knees and feet were shot after this day. 

My favorite!  The tigers!

Amy Tangerine - Digital Project Life
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