Friday, March 28, 2014

Pocket Source Blog Hop - Organization!

Welcome to The Pocket Source Blog Hop!

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Today's hop is to help you with organization!  I have my system for organizing my digital files.  Even if you are a paper scrapper, you likely have a stash of freebies or some cut files from different store in your computer.  I can give you some suggestions for them!

I tried when I started to organize by a number system of folders that went some thing like this:
and so on

But this meant splitting up kits and once I had my favorite designers and knew which kits held what item, the old list became a PAIN.  Now,
I have a folder named Scrap.  In that folder, I have a little system.  My own files and tools and things have folder names that start with 1.  I need those at the top.  Then, named 2. are my favorite designers and stores.   I have other things such as cut files, fonts, PSE styles and brushes, etc, named with 3. and on. 
Another helpful folder I have is New Stuff.  In the New Stuff folder, I have folders for each month and I put freebies in there until I can organize them. 

Here is a look at one of my favorite designers Paislee Press.  Under (Liz) her folder. I name element folders with an e. cut files with c. journal cards with j. kits with k. overlays, templates, and word art. 

And here is a look inside a store folder (Pixels & Co.)  I usually have a few things from every designer in my favorite stores.  So I put all their stuff in a folder by designer.  Then, if the designer moves stores, I just move the folder to the new store. 
I also have folders in each store for collaboration kits and challenges. 

An of course, here is my Becky Higgins folder
I have the kits labeled for Mini, Core, and theme, I also keep my AC Digitals files in this folder just because it's easy for me to keep Amy, Maggie, and Dear Lizzy all in one place.  You will notice I have a folder for Vintage Travel.  Now, this kit isn't available in digital format, but I don't want to forget that I have that set. (and maybe it will be available in digi someday?)  I also don't have Plus One or Styleboard yet, but I know I will buy them and I added folders when I bought Day Dreamer. 

It may take some playing around, but you can find a system that works for you if you base it on what you use the most. 

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  1. Great system! I use something similar but I remember when I first started I renamed things, broke apart kits... it ended up being a mess! I now organize by store then designer as well as separating out templates for most designers! I hadn't thought to code for different types of files as well! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Great system, Amie! It is quite the job to stay on top of it especially when I buy new digi supplies weekly! lol

    1. No kidding! I frequently forget what I purchase on Fridays since I can't ever use any of it until Monday!

  3. Oy. OK... it's time to buckle down and wrangle all my digital items together. This is an awesome post. Thanks!

  4. Interesting system - I have something similar, with folders for stores and designers but I keep the kits whole (with sub-folders for papers,elements, etc.). I then have a separate set of folders for PL goodies and keep a copy of all the preview files in one big file with tags

  5. What a great way to organize digital scrapbooking stuff. I've been needing to organize but just didn't know how to begin. Thank you so much!

    1. I'm glad I could help! I know it took me a long time to get a system that worked for me and I am still switching things up to this day. :)