Monday, March 24, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 11

 Week Eleven tried to be Spring.  It was probably the first week since November that it wasn't below zero at least one day!  We got to play outside and all the snow melted off our front yard!  I can even see green in the back!  So I was gung ho to begin Spring cleaning!

I used a mix of Studio Calico March PL kits, Ali Edwards brushes, and Paislee Press frames this week. 

Thursday was awesome for Ian because the city came around to get rid of snow in the gutters.  There were 2 front end loaders and a grader going up and down and the girl driving one of the loaders, saw Ian and made sure they did all sorts of maneuvers right in front of our house.

I used Ali Edwards brushes for the title over a photo of me quick mopping the kitchen floor.

Ian is excited to go outside without all the winter gear and has taken to grabbing his back pack whenever we are leaving the house.  He had his last day of swimming lessons and he even graduated.  He can't take the next class until he is 3, but it will be nice next winter not to have to put a swim suit on and go in the pool with him.   


Here, I cut out and added pics to a card from Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party mini PL kit.

I added some brushes from Karla Dudley's Damselle set to the photo of my cleaning bucket.   

So nice to open the windows!  Our cats are starting to get a bit crazy and need to get outside.  They meow and make other weird noises until you open the windows.  Moo will sit and stare out the window at night and scratch at the glass. 

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  1. Your pages are absolutely amazing. I can't believe I am only finding your blog now? Off to get myself some of your designs!