Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 5

 Week 5 done!  I find myself taking fewer and fewer photos each week just because we do the same thing over and over since it's too cold to leave the house most days. 

I used Ali Edwards brushes to make the title card this week. 

I found an image for year of the horse to make this little card and I used Paislee Press Travel photos and words to make the travel time card.  I include my car, the milage, how much gas costs, how much to fill the tank, and our average commute time.

The cute Click cut I made from a set of Karla Dudley brushes. 

The everyday card is from the Sunshine Project Life kit

I made the super bowl card to match the colors of this week's pages.  You can find it on a post on my Facebook page. 

I used a Cathy Zielske template for the QR code card and made a tabbed card to list the books I read in Janurary. 

Behind the Super Bowl card, I added a note card with the score and code for my favorite commercials.

A card with our menu for the week. 

And one for notes on the week.


  1. Amie, I love your pages! Do you mind if I copy your week card? Last year I mostly made week cards. Somewhere along the way I decided the space was better used with a photo. So for 2014 I'm using a scenic photo for each week card. I've tried different fonts for Week and the number, but I think I like Ali's words best. I have her hand-drawn numbers. What did you use for the word "week"? Thanks!

    1. You won't be copying! I have seen many examples of using a photo. I like the flow. The Times of your life drawn set of brushes is what I used for the week. I switch between Ali and the Paislee Press wood grain card template.