Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project Life │ My Hybrid Process

I have been using PL for a year this week! 

Favorite album size is 12x12

Weekly format 

Design A is my go to page protector

My style is clean, photo heavy, lots of black, white & neutrals with pops of color.

Favorite techniques: Hybrid and cut files

Journaling: I hate my handwriting because of my arthritis, so I use PSE to add most of my text.

Must haves: PSE, wood veneers, brush script, qr codes, PSE brushes

Shoot with: iPod 5, and Canon Rebel T3i

Favorite App: VSCO cam & Collect

Edit with: VSCO cam, PicTapGo, and Lightroom 5

Print: Costco or Canon MG7120

I use the Collect app through the week to keep track of things that happen during the week along with our family calendar. 
I put together my pages in PSE and add some embellishments and text.  I add in notes to where I will be using cards from my Studio Calico Project Life kit.  I usually have some cards picked out and placed in my album before I have even begun to edit my photos.  They may not still be in the album when I finish, but it makes it easier for me to have a few set up. 

I print my cards I want to use on cardstock I don't bother rounding corners unless they are rounded already.  It doesn't bother me to mix them up.
I also like to put text on my labels before printing.  So I cut the labels I want to use and place them to be printed with other items I may want on cardstock.  Usually 3x4 cards.

And photos on 8.5x11 photo paper.  I have all kinds of issues trying to get my borders when I print at home. If I send my prints to Costco, I send as 4x6 prints.  If I have quite a lot of photos I want to add, I love to templates.  Being able to put 6 photos on one 6x4 card is awesome!  I have been playing with flip cards as well.  I also like to use a tab card behind photos for journaling.  It saves room for more photos!      

I work between my armoire and kitchen table during naptime (if there is a naptime).  Once I have all my photos and cards in place, I play around with embellishments.  I don't do a whole lot.  Mostly because I lack the time.  I like Glossy Accents because I use a lot of veneers.   

 I photograph my spreads on a piece of foam board usually on the floor and away from the windows.  It's very bright in my space on a sunny day, so I have to move around a bit to lose any glare.  I don't take the cards out of the pockets because of Ian.  They seem fine to me in the pockets and protected from grubby little hands.

Unless I have something to do, like potty training, or I have too many photos to use, I usually have my pages done Monday morning. So it takes me a few hours to do a spread, but that is with me getting up to make somebody breakfast, read some stories, and get him dressed in between. 

I hope this year to acquire something to do letterpress and embossing, but I can't imagine trying to do anything with those while I have a 2 year old running around.  I will have to be happy for now with  the digital styles I can use for letterpress and embossing.  (Thank you Mommyish!)

Be on the lookout next week for my Project Life post.  I have a freebie in the works! 


  1. Looks a lot like my process, with building the page digitally before printing! Will have to write a post about it some day.

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