Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Brush Script Title Card Templates

With the PSD templates, you can choose which pieces you want to use for your title cards.  I made one template for each month and you just need to hide and unhide the appropriate weeks and dates by clicking on the little eye in the layers panel.  You can also clip photos or papers to the background layers.  You can use the border or hide it and the outline and just have a plain card with the text.    
I have the image below showing the little eyes next to each layer where you select the layers you want to show.
The templates are all dated for Monday-Sunday weeks.  If you are doing Sunday -Saturday, you can just hide that portion, or erase the given dates and add a layer of your own. 
The leopard print paper in the preview is included in my Breakfast at Tiffany's paper Pack

I would love to see these being used!  Please go ahead and link up your projects in the comments! 

I have had a few request for the font use for the date so the templates can be changes to a Sunday-Saturday format and you can find it here.
And here is the link to my post on adding pngs to a photo in Phonto