Monday, June 9, 2014

New Thank You Photo Overlay's & Adding a PNG to a Photo on Your Smartphone.

New in the shop today, a set of thank you overlays!  12 different designs in 3 colors.  black, white, and gold!  Add to any photo to make a beautiful thank you card.  These work great for weddings, graduations, and babies.  Even children's birthdays!  
The set is 20% off through Sunday! 
You can even use these on your smart phone!   

1. Upload files to Dropbox from your computer.

2. Download Phonto. (I will use Phonto for this tutorial since it's available for both iPhone and Android) 

3. Go to Dropbox and download the PNG you want to add to your photo. (my phone puts a photo behind my white PNGs in the camera roll, but the PNG is the only thing that will be added to your photo.)

4. Open Phonto and tap the camera to choose the photo you want to use.  It will let you take a photo or choose from albums.  Adjust filter if you want.

5. Tap the 3 lines on the bottom left and chose add image, it will take you to your albums.  Chose the PNG you want to use 

Here is what the white image looks like when you select it .  I can just barely spot it, but you just hit done and it will be added to you photo.

6.  Adjust size and location and save!  Or, add another PNG.  (I have searched, but have not found a way to change the transparency in Phonto.  If anyone has done, please let me know!)

Voila!  You can now print this as a thank you card!


  1. hi amie! this is a great tutorial! i omitted the dropbox step and just emailed the png to myself so i could save it to my phone. the tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for adding watermarks to design team layouts too!!! thank you!!

  2. Awesome, I love digital stamps but I don't like editing on my computer and messing up my flow. Thanks for he loophole. Found ya on SC forum