Monday, January 19, 2015

Project Life 2015 │ Week 2

I love week two.  It just came together so quickly.

My new 2015 Brush Script Week Templates are in the shop if you would like to use them as well.  The collection incudes 12 PSD templates, 1 for each month.  Printable PDFs, word art PNGs as well as black script on white 6x4 card PNGs.

I made the title card a flip card to include some of the Golden Globe winners.

The Watching card was made with a kit from One Little Bird, Stay Tuned.

My alma mater's football team won the national championship again and I found this bison photo that was perfect to use to document it without adding the green and gold of the school colors.  

Under that, I added the standings of the NFL to follow Mr. G's team the Packers.

I also had to add a card about the horrid attack of Charlie Hebdo.  I feel just awful for all the families and friends of the victims.  December was such an awful month, I had hoped the new year would be less violent.  

And we finally received some snow way up here in Fargo.  I had to document it.  Even though today, it is all melting again.  Since it was about -50 last year this time, I am not going to complain.

Products used this week

And new today in my shop


  1. I just adore your week and month cards. There is just so much to love about this. I love the picture of the grand Budapest hotel, your waffles and your snow on the sil pic. The wood veneer is just perfect.

  2. Such lovely, soft pages and I love your interactive elements! Fab cards you've designed as well!

  3. I vaguely remember you had listed the fonts used on your title cards but can't seem to find it now. Can you please refresh my memory so that I continue to use them on my pages? Thanks!

    1. The serif font is called Bodini and the link is in this post

  4. Amie, I love your style and your photos and everything about your pages! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love everything you make. I especially love the brush script cards you designed. I was wondering if you sell the calendar cards shown here in January. I just love the splashed black in all over the January word.

    1. The calender card here is a set from
      Instagram is the only contact I have for her. She made a calender back in January that I shrunk down for this spread.