Monday, April 21, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 15

I fell in  love with some pastels this week.  I just had to use the Lindsey Letters card from the Studio Calico Easter card set.  We were finally able to go outside with no shoes!!! 
(And as I am typing this, it is snowing again. blech.)

The title card is from Paislee Press's Wood Grain Templates.  I wanted to get a shot of our tree before it get's it's leaves.  I am praying that when the tree doctor comes this summer to check on this massive beast, there is no bad news.  We already lost a smaller tree last summer, and losing this silver maple would mean NO trees in our back yard.  And no shade.  Not good.

Had to have a talk with Ian about where Woof Woof is allowed to go.  Outside the house is not one of those places.  He is only allowed to leave the house if Ian is spending the night somewhere. 
And I had to document some yummy meals.  Dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with Grandma G and lunch from Panera. 

Moo waiting to be let in, and Ian licking the windows.  (Why do kids do that?)

I used a butterfly card from Karla Dudley, printed on vellum over a cloud card from One Little Bird here.  I am going crazy for layering cards! 

A Karla Dudley brush here to document my favorite flowers.  Easter Hydrangeas.  The more blue, the better.  And I changed the color of a card from the Sunshine Project Life digital kit. 

Background here is a paper from One Little Bird's Lemon Drop kit.  I rarely get shots of Ian and Gabby together.  She is an old do her own thing cat and usually that means by herself.  She comes out to the kitchen every night right before Mr. G. gets home though.  He has had her for 14 years and you can tell.

Used some Studio Calico embellishments on a card from Maggie Holmes Styleboard here.

Had to document the first bare feet of the season.  I even got my toe nails painted before it happened!  (meaning, I painted them at 6am that morning.)

Ian is having a really hard time not playing in Gabby & Moo's food and water.  He thinks their water bowl is his own little wading pool.  Mr. G. found him sitting on his little stool for brushing his teeth, with his feet in the water.  Socks and pants on. 

I was so surprised to see how quickly he caught on to tee ball.  That is, until I spied the kids behind us playing with theirs.  Duh.  Still not sure if having a daycare behind us is a perk or a pain.  Poor Ian sometimes looks as though he wants to go play with the kids or their toys, but he does interact with them a bit.  They can new play catch over the fence.  The biggest plus, is that their two cocker spaniels seem to finally be used to Ian in our yard and don't bark at him non-stop. 

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  1. Do you put wooden embellishments on the paper and put inside the pockets? I assume so... New to project life. Thx

    1. Yes I do. I glue with Glossy Accents to the cards or photos and then place in the pockets. I don't use anything too bulky.

  2. I absolutely love your spreads!