Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week In The Life 2013 │Finished Album

It feels so good to have a completed album!  Since I am a digi girl, I don't have any physical product of my Project Life albums yet.  So doing one week as a hybrid project and having it all done feels awesome!  I wanted to do a video, but realized quickly that it is impossible to do with a toddler in the house.   

I am using an 8.5x11 WRMK vanilla leather binder.  These are my favorite. 

I liked this photo as the mirror and hooks by our back door are a kind of hub in our home.  Having Ian's little hand reaching up is perfect since he is always getting into things.  The font here is from Karla Dudley - Stauesque

I am using the Day of the Week banners from Ali Edwards for my daily title pages and I used some transparencies I found at the thrift store to make the overlays.  Monday and Wednesday's overlays are AE Hello Life 12x12 text overlays

I probably went a bit photo heavy as this was my first try and I wanted to include everything.  I used 9 pocket baseball card pages and had to rework some cards to fit the odd size.  I also cut a few down to 3 pockets to fit in extras.
The calendar card at the top left is from my printable wood veneer calendars at my Etsy shop.  I have Sun-Sat 2013 & 14 and Mon-Sun for 2014 up.
I did a list for each day using the cards from Rukristin who's Currently cards I love!  I also did a list of 5 things I am thankful for each day.
I used many pieces from Paislee Press and One Little Bird that can be found at the-lilypad.com, Ali Edwards at designerdigitals.com, and Karla Dudley at pixelsandcompany.com.

The card at the bottom left was one I used many times an is a freebie from Cathy Zielske.  She has the best templates!  Check out her blog and her stuff at Designer Digitals. 

I did Currently cards of each of us on different days of the week with the Rukristin cards.  And I made 8.5x11 pages with even more photos from our days.  I also added the QR codes when I had some.  I use Youtube and  http://www.free-qr-code.net/ to make my codes.

This overlay I made from a paper in a The Weekender from Paislee Press and Weekdays Vol 1 from Karla Dudley

I also did a playlist for each of us using a freebie from Deena Rutter seen here at the bottom left.

Tuesday was photo heavy since Mr. G came home sick Monday and I for some reason thought I needed to play catch up. So I added an entire extra 9 pocket page. 

Two of my favorite photos were from Wednesday.  The top right is our fat cat Moo sitting with me on my chair while I work.  He likes to keep me warm.  And the bottom right was Ian and I playing at bedtime. He loves to burrow in the sheets of our bed right now and we do this almost every night. 

I seriously don't know how Ian stood his broom up and it stayed that way, but I of course had to snap a photo.  I made this camera overlay from the Diptych kit from Paislee Press.

I made this overlay with the brushes from Karla Dudley's Damselle collection (love this one!)

This overlay I used Karla's Hello Love kit brushes

My last page.


I put my notes in page protectors at the back of the album so we can go back and read them later.

The close ups


Some of the goodies I used for my project. 


  1. Awesome! Mine are still in a folder. I have the stuf I want to use sorted, the photo, I faithfully journaled in my Day One journal now all I have to do is make a great album just like yours. I'm still switching between a Basic Grey album which is 7x9 or the more convenient 6x8.

    You are such an inspiration! I loved the overlay with the cameras. Did you print that on vellum paper?
    My favorite designers seems to be your as well, I love the clean simple style of Cathy, Liz( one little bird), Karla. I'm also a full digital scrapper and this time I also wanted hybrid so I looked at some online paper stuff and boy is that expensive and you can only use it once!
    I'm digital all the way at least I can print it a 100 time if I mess it up. :-)
    I'm now gearing up for 30 days of Thankful, are you in also?

    1. Thanks Tink!
      I found a pack of Inkjet transparencies at the thrift store and used those to make my overlays!
      I am doing 30 days. I am using the brushes I made and a couple of the 6, 6x4 pocket pages to just include it in my regular album!