Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Life Week 32

It seems as though I was just complaining about everything being white and needing some color.  Well, summer is over and I am craving quiet again.  Quiet as in color quiet.  Muted colors.  Soft black and white photos. 
I'm not sure if I'm actually "done" with week 32, but this is all I have so far.  Sorry, I am just so tired!  It's finally cooling off at night here, but the days are still well into the 90s.  And it's hay fever season here.  ugh.  I give props to all you mommies who do this so well.  I only have one and he exhausts me.  (and I love every minute of it.)
Hoping to finish our vacation pages soon so I can share them with you!

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  1. I saw your spread over at the saturday blog hop and just had to come by. I love the muted, soft colors. I think I would like to head that way for my next couple weeks as we (hopefully) see a drop in temperatures here in vegas. I'm so ready for fall!