Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 │ Wednesday Photos

This cat woke me up at 3:39am. His auto feeder spins at 4:00. That 19 minutes was apparently too long for him to handle.

Foggy morning

Office views

He tried to creep downstairs so quietly and scare me every morning I am working when he wakes up.

Lunch was parmesan crusted tilapia with wild rice and spinach salad.

Time to soak up some vitamin D

He loves his sandbox.

Shot day

Kindle time when he had to come in while dad mowed the yard.

Need more caffine

Wednesdays are for grocery lists and menu plans

He's becoming quite the storyteller. This one was about three ghosts who live in the forest with bears and trees and garbage trucks.

Miss Gabby. She hides a lot and I don't get many photos of her.

Buddies. (At least when there isn't anyone older around.)

Mommy! Come see this show! It's gonna be amazing! He wanted me to see him ride on the grass, but he got stuck and daddy had to come help.

More barrel cooker experiments

 And finally, bedtime. So ready for sleep.

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  1. Love your perspectives!!!!! Love the clothes on the floor in the bathroom and your food shot. YUM!