Monday, June 16, 2014

Project Life 2014 │ Week 23

I am learning how to not include everything that happens every week.  So many things repeat over and over.  I mean, how many times can I journal about Ian finally liking his swing?  I need less time spent agonizing over photos to include and more time to do other crafts and things.  Not to mention, our summer does not last long and I need to be out MAKING memories and not sitting with paper and glue.
Then, there is that nagging thought in the back of my mind about how much space 3 albums a year will need.  We have a tiny house.  Yep.  I need to do some heavy editing in the future.

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I used Ali Edward's Messy Week Lines for my title card this week.

I am loving the clean simple look of the type journaling on a card for the week.  Not to mention, it is so easy to do!

Ian had a really grumpy morning one day last week, so I made him and Woof Woof their own little dining table.  (Two year molars are making our life not so much fun right now)

Cathy Zielske has a super cute freebie Summer Manifesto card here.  I added some things on our summer bucket list that we accomplished this week.  Ian and I made a trip to Target to pick up the Nate Berkus  Gold Shears I have been coveting.  Thanks Grandma Donna for the gift card!  Going to Target is a treat we don't get very often.  Ours just doesn't have all the stuff on my list and with Ian, one stop shopping is a must!  We took advantage of being at Target for mommy to get a Starbucks latte and Ian got cookies.   And then, daddy snapped a shot of us napping on the sofa.  I am thankful for him getting me into a photo.

Our creative workings this week.

Ian and dad sharing their nightly freeze e pop

I used an Ali Edwards sentiment box I had cut for this photo of the car hiding behind the big branch that came off of our tree.

New in my shop this week!  Twinkle pocket scrap cards.  Perfect for documenting all those summer nights of camping under the stars or bonfires and other fun night time activities!

25% off through Sunday June 22nd.

Some other Items I used this week



  1. Sometimes I struggle to not use the same stories every week too!

  2. Such an eclectic collection of goodies put together seamlessly!!! Looks amazing Amie!! I am definitely checking out those Ali Edwards Sentiment Boxes. Love the photo of you and your son snoozing on the lounge. I love it when our hubby's get in on the action. And even if it is sometimes the same stories each week, they are captured, made to look beautiful and they are YOURS!! Thanks for sharing....

  3. I love the the simplicity of your pages, everything fits together so well in here and every detail has a value in here :)