Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 38 2013 Project Life




Saturday was our local street days called West Fest.  We made it to the little show for kids, but Ian's grandma had to go cheer on our local college football team the NDSU Bison.  There was a huge to do downtown because Sports Center from ESPN did a College Game Day show.  It seemed as though everyone was wearing green and gold.  We had fun at the parade.  A very nice young man next to us shared his candy with Ian!  Some kids are raised right!  Ian loved seeing the big machinery, but got bored quickly when he couldn't see over the crowd in front of our chairs. 
Did anyone notice I switched to square corners mid week?  Just trying it out.  I think it may be faster for me and with all my Instagram photos, it just looks cleaner. 

Some products I used this week


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