Thursday, October 3, 2013

Starting Over & New Stuff - Project Life - Weeks 1 and 2

Now that I have Lightroom, (thanks for the awesome birthday gift honey!) and I have learned some parts of how to use it, I went back to older photos to get some practice at fixing problem photos.  My biggest problem is blurry pictures because my toddler never sits still.  But, I still have too dark and too bright pictures as well. 
Now, my problem is having a bunch more photos I want to include in my Project Life pages.  So, I am starting over!  I only began Project Life in late January of this year, and for most pages, I think I can add an insert, but some of my pages are just not to my liking after I have learned so much more to do in Photoshop Elements.
I redid my cover page first. 

Week one, I just hadn't taken any photos.  Over load from Christmas being spread over 2 weeks, plus Ian's 1st birthday. So, I added in some review cards. 
Week two, I still really don't have any documentation, so journaling is nil.  I only remember Ian being so proud of himself the first few weeks for learning to climb, and I was proud of him for finally holding his own bottle.  I no longer had to do calf feedings.

I also used my new Wood Veneer Calendar cards.  They are on sale for $3.99 until Monday.  A set for 2014 is also available and on sale.
Here are some of the other products I used for weeks one and two.



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