Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day in the Life 8-8-13

I actually remembered the day before I wanted to do a day in the life spread with on the hour photos and set an alarm for each hour the next day!  (Remembering is a feat unto itself!)

I Used Jade for these pages and elements from Karla Dudley (washi, and some word art).  I used the Rhonna Designs app throughout the day to edit and add the time to my photos.  The stitches are from Traci Reed. 

This was such fun to document and easy to put together!  I will try to do one each month.  This month was 8-8, so September I will do 9-9, and so on. 

I would love to see any day in the life pages you have made!  Link up in the comments! 

Amie :)

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