Thursday, June 27, 2013

My new "office"

When we found out we were pregnant with Ian, we had to change out our office upstairs for a nursery.  We moved the office downstairs, which was nice since there was plenty of space.  But that didn't help me when we bought a desktop and I couldn't sit in a downstairs room to work with Ian.  So I had to revamp our dining room storage and bar into a desk.  Thank goodness I had found digital scrapbooking, I don't think I would have space for all the beautiful paper goods even in our downstairs office.  This armoire and bar were built for me by my grandfather and my parents did the beautiful staining! 

It was originally built to house a tv and components.  The only thing that I don't like is the actual computer sitting out on top of a book case.  Ian likes to try to grab the cables.  There is just no other place to put it.  The printer had to go up on top of the armoire.  (Not very convenient for scanning!)  And everything Ian can't have ends up on top.  It's the only place he can't get to YET. 

I don't have a big collection of scrapbook goodies since I work with digital, but I do need a few things to make cards and other little projects.  The tray is from the closet organizing aisle at Target. 

Using the wine glass racks to now hang little goodies with some small s hooks and binder clips.

My small collection of stamps, ink, & washi, fit just fine in some pillar glasses made for candles.
Next, I will be working on getting the insides organized and working for me.  I can't open any cabinets with Ian around.  He comes running and grabs whatever he can!  Since there are drawers inside the armoire cabinet, I will need to use one for Project Life cards and the few pocket pages I own.  One for card making supplies such as paper pads.  I know I will have no trouble filling them with all kinds of junk.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July! 
Amie :)


  1. Love your washi collection =) I ended up with IKEA furniture with lots of bins and doors to keep all my stuff away from the kids! Looks like you're getting it worked out! Keep at it and Ian will eventually leave things alone (mostly...)

    1. Hoping soon he will stop trying to eat pens and crayons so I can give him some projects to keep busy! :)