Monday, June 17, 2013

Bitten by the Filofax Bug

I have been wasting a couple hours this week making some dividers for my "Filofax" (I want an aqua Malden, but my 10 year old Franklin Covey will have to work for now).  I came across an awesome blog called philofaxy and I thought, "another way to use my digital goodies!" 

So here are some of my dividers.  I hope these will inspire you to personalize your own organizational tools!

I used the Creative Keepsakes Ali Edwards font for my tabs.  These I printed and cut out as I don't have a Cameo yet. 

Here is the Calendar divider.  I just added a few things I love.
My divider for Tasks and Routines.  I keep my cleaning checklists here and will keep Ian's schedules when he becomes busier.

My divider for Little Lamm & Co. info

My divider for our family playbook.  Vets, Doctors, bills, etc.
Divider for my contacts

Divider for all my photography info and cheat sheets
Divider for meal plans and recipes
Divider for my books list.  Favorite authors and a to read list. 

I used so many different things from different kits.  This last one all the book elements are from Karla Dudley's Berenstain collection.  The meal planner is Misty Cato Delight in the Kitchen.  Lots of papers from the April Stash at Pixels and Company.

If there is anything you see and are wondering where it came from, just post your question in the comments and I will be glad to answer!    I love sooooo many great designers!  I think I will do a post soon of my favorite digital kits and designers.

Amie :)



  1. This is so clever and cute. Now where did I put my old planner?

  2. These are so nicely done! I like the colors and artistry!

  3. Wow! Those are beautiful dividers. You are talented.

  4. Your dividers are to die for. Fantastic and oh so creative. Makes me wish I hadn't just bought a new non-Filofax planner.

  5. Love your dividers! Thanks for sharing.