Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 │ Tuesday Photos

Morning scenes

He woke up cold and normally, we cuddle together for a few minutes before the day starts, but today I was making his breakfast so we could get going. 

Stories before school. The yawn says it all.

Off to school

Mom! I can help. The milk isn't too heavy. I can get it for you!

Lunch that I picked up on the way to get Ian from school

Daddy! Wait! I got to get you a hug and a kiss!

Some of Ian's favorite toys are toys that belonged to my and my aunts before me. I love playing with him with these old toys.

I set some cold brew coffee in the fridge so I can enjoy it tomorrow. 

His attention span has increased ten fold in the last few months. He is a very hands on kid and has no interest in learning his numbers and letter. Other than reading stories, he would rather be building and just go go going. 

I didn't intentionally make myself blurry, but I liked how the photo came out. so I went with it. 

The older neighbor boys were playing with paper airplanes so Ian came in and asked if I could make him one. I couldn't' remember, so.. daddy came to the rescue.  Ian was super sad right before dinner because his little friend came to ask him to play and then only played for 5 minutes before ditching Ian to play with and older neighbor kid. Ian's only 4 while his buddy is almost 6 and the rest of the neighbor kids are 8 and older. They don't want to play with a 4 year old all the time and I try to explain it to Ian. But he's till sad when everyone runs off to do stuff he can't do yet. 

Dinner - Daddy go a smoker barrel cooker and we have been having fun playing around with it.

 Ian tried to call papa earlier in the day and papa called back just in time. When he asked if there was something Ian wanted, Ian told them he wanted a sleepover. Mommy and daddy might get a date night on Friday. 

That's it for today. See you tomorrow!

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  1. OH! I had the Little People A-Frame house, too! I loved my Little People stuff. I had a bunch. I wish I still had them. I love that you are able to pass them on to another generation!