Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 │ Monday Photos


Monday is clean sheet day!

 Getting dressed

Off to see if his friends can play. I tried to tell him they are at school and daycare.

Loving the morning doves

Trying to get my planner pages done.

Mom! I have something for you!

Finally getting around to my workout and shower today. 

Getting dressed for mom


Waving bye to dad on his way back to work

Walk about photos. (walk for me while Ian rides)

Time to try to work a bit before we head out to afternoon activites

library time

In the car. He asked for music. 

Home and time for a snack

While I make dinner


Evening view

Waiting for stories and bedtime scratchies.

 Joined for story time by Moo as usual.

9pm feeding

And bed finally for mom!

A couple screen shoots of what I am listening to!


  1. You took some great shots! And your son is adorable :)

  2. avocado flower - LOVE! that cat tho - needs to be a MEME!!!