Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mini Book Inspiration | Cecily Moore

Hi All! 

Lovely to be back with you today to share the beginnings of an exciting little mini album I’ve started recently. I realized that from month to month as I was going through photos – it was fun to see all the different shoes and surroundings that I could find within the context of my 'from where I stand' photos. It wasn’t something I planned but once I picked up on this fact – I just knew I wanted to create a mini album. Little Lamm & Co’s monthly templates and specialty collection templates like the Daily ones are the perfect addition to make this mini seamlessly beautiful. I only have a couple spreads at the moment but anticipate this little book will be a thrill to add to as the seasons roll on by (Can't wait till we're in flip flop season)! Hope you enjoy!

Cecily | The Paper Curator

Products Used: 

Daily 4x4 Templates

March 4x6 Templates

Hi! I’m Cecily, an avid scrapbooker + coffee drinker + pursuer of happiness. A fashion designer by trade, I use the knowledge from my art and design background to create unique, artistic keepsakes with an emphasis on color, typography, and texture. I live my New York life to the fullest while curating it into paper keepsakes to share.

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