Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 │ Wednesday

Slowly but surely, I am getting through my pages! One day a week seems like all I can manage, but I am loving it!

I loved this tricycle photo from Wednesday. Ian will ride his bike, but he is always scared of tipping, so he chooses his trike when riding up and down the sidewalk with the other kids.

A full page photo of a common am occurance. Waving to daddy as he drives off to work. I just set the camera on the back of the sofa and set the timer to snap this shot. I had to make sure you could see Moo looking out the window too. He loves the cooler times of year when the door can be open for him, More of our meals on the 3x8 card!

I added the text in photoshop along with one of Ali's We Do brushes.

I used the wood veneer days of the week on the 3x8 pockets each day. I stapled them on after I put the photos in the pocket. 

The other side of the 3x8 is the schedule again. and a photo of gymnastics class and at the pool again. 

More digital text 

I was worried about my album getting too thick so I printed the photo of Ian in the car cart at the store on vellum with the grocery list typed out at the bottom. 

Had to do a full size photo of Ian and grandma playing catch in the back yard. He loves when grandma comes to visit!

And a few extra photos I wanted to include from the day.