Friday, October 2, 2015

Attention Book Lovers! The Austen Collection is Here and 50% Off! Plus a Freebie!

It's Special Edition time! And I have 5 new items in the shop this weekend. Four Special Edition items that are 50% off and one new mini kit that is also on sale! 

I adore books and coffee. A-D-O-R-E. I read more than 200 books the year before Ian was born. (Thank you bed rest) Now, I am lucky if I can read one book a week, but I cherish my alone time with the characters in my favorite historical mysteries. I read mostly at night so I have converted to an e-reader. But sometimes, I long for real pages. 

National Coffee Day was September 29th and International Coffee Day October 1st. I made a little coordination freebie to go with the Austen collection! I will be sending out the mini kit in the Little Lamm & Co newsletter next week. You can subscribe HERE.

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