Thursday, July 7, 2016

True Story | Katherine Wilkinson

Hello friends! Katherine here with a hybrid layout for you! I'm so thrilled with the new kit, and I had so many ideas for it.

One of which was incorporating some hidden journalling. I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use for this type of layout. Basically by noon I was already done with the day and so I decided I needed a shower and I wanted to put this shirt on. I've never really felt "fat" with any of my pregnancies but this day in particular I felt gross. It was hot, the kids were driving me crazy, my back was sore and I was already on day 4 of dry shampoo. You know one of those days. This is great for more personal, emotional journalling in the other journal cards. The layout seems light hearted when just looked at in general, but I needed to get some self confidence stuff written down that I don't want everyone to read.

I really love how this turned out and I hope this encourages you to add some more journalling in your layouts by way of hidden elements.

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Hi I’m Katherine! I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada with my husband Brett, our two crazy daughters, Dylan and Olivia, and our dog, Dax. I work full time doing the accounting for a small business.

When I’m not working or chasing around the girls, I’m usually scrapping. My favorite form of memory keeping is Project Life. I started it in 2011 and never looked back. Though my style has changed over the years, I think I've  finally found a rhythm and style that I love.

I love good food, coffee, chocolate, Harry Potter, pretty packages, trivia games, anything DIY and I especially love that my city has all four seasons.

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