Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 │ Friday Photos

Friday breakfast is a salted caramel mocha chia seed pudding. Kind of a treat, but with nutrients. lol

It's cold!! Ian was having fun drawing on the windows.

On to legos even though I've been asking him to get dressed for an hour.

Well, it's progress I guess.

Morning lessons.

Ian went to ask if his friend could come over for a play date inside because it's only in the 40s today.

We made potstickers for lunch which the boys tried but didn't care for. So I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too.

And they had a little picnic

Sherbet for dessert!

Little boys make big messes.

They both loved playing this Disney card game. It kept them busy for almost an hour.

And I had time to do laundry and fold clothes.

 The unassuming bench holds a secret.

It's were Moo hides when we have company. And usually the spot of his late morning nap.

After the play date was over, Ian was a bit hyper so we had a little movie time to calm down.

Ian wanted to help me use the spirilizer. I was almost jumping up and down at the grocery store yesterday when I saw the size of the carrots they had. Carrots don't work in the spirilizer unless they are at least 3 inches wide. I have a recipe I have been wanting to make so much, but didn't want to use matchstick carrots.

While we were doing that, I thought I would take a photo of the pantry cabinet. The bottom shelf is mine and most things on the top two are hubby's. Wondering what our tastes will be in ten years and what we will have on hand when feeding a 14 year old boy.

I wanted to try to get some work done, but Ian confiscated my iPad and pen

The garbage truck came so Ian went out to retrieve the cans.

Then we had a little snack while waiting for daddy to come home.

That's it for today. I seem to take less photos each day as the week comes to an end. Partly because the hubby gets annoyed with the camera, and partly because weekends are just slower moving. Does anyone else notice that while documenting their week? 

More tomorrow!!

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