Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Hi everyone! Zakirah here with today’s blog post.
Remember the gorgeous Austen collection by Amie? Well, I fell in love with it & I thought it was perfect for scrapping my love for the public libraries & free reads, so I made a 2-pager:
A closer look on the pages:

A little background to the journaling - back in March, my family was afflicted with dengue fever. It was caused by a certain type of mosquitoes called Aedes. When they bite you, you’ll get dengue fever, which is really, really painful and takes almost a month to fully recover from it. Well, it turned out that we owned too many things and there are places in our housing area that became the breeding grounds for these mosquitoes. We did a big house cleanup where we not only clean our house & its surrounding, but also cleared out the things that we don’t use anymore.
Fast forward this month, we’re still clearing out even more stuff slowly, and part of the things that owned too much of were books. We’ve donated boxes upon boxes of them to the public libraries, but believe me, we still have a few boxes left to give away. We had too many books!
So after that episode in our lives, I learned from that lesson - refrain from buying books. I think that borrowing first would be ideal because you’d get to read and see if that book is really what you need. If you like it, then you can buy it. If not, then, you’d save a space on your bookshelf for other books that you’ll actually keep.
So have you grabbed the collection yet? Be sure to get it at The Digital Press!

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Hello everyone! Zakirah here. I'm a 27-year-old scrapper from Malaysia. I've been digiscrapping since 2008 and I'm loving it! I scrapbook about my family and myself, and hopefully in the coming future, my pages will be a reason for my family to smile & ponder about life.

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