Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Zakirah Zakaria │ Hybrid Notebooks

Hi everyone! Zakirah here from Little Lamm & Co's Creative Team. Today I would like to share with you a little DIY project that I created with Amie's new kit.
A few weeks ago, my family and I started to purge our home from clutter. I found tons of loose foolscap papers from my sisters' school years. They're all still nice and usable so I decided to make some DIY notebooks.
I've never made my own notebooks before, so I had to Google for a tutorial. I found  a great step-by-step tutorial from this website  that used rubber cement to bind the papers.  Thankfully for a newbie like me, making a simple DIY notebook is not that hard.

I used Elmer's Rubber Cement, which can be found in most hardware stores (like Ace Hardware). A 4oz bottle costed me about $4.50 (MYR 14, in my currency).

I decided to cut the foolscap papers into half, so the size of the notebook is like Michele Wooderson's (of Mish Mash blog - she makes BEAUTIFUL handmade notebooks!):

Without further ado, here's a few shots of the book-making process:

1. I designed the covers using Photoshop, and got it printed at a local print shop. After cutting the covers & papers into size, I bound them using Elmer's rubber cement. I applied the rubber cement on the papers first, left them to dry and applied a few more coats to strengthen the bind. Then, I added the front & back cover, and applied a few coats of rubber cement on them to bind.

2. Here's how they look like in close-up:

3. The inside of the notebook, when the rubber cement is dry:

4. When the covers & papers are properly bound, I applied a masking tape to hold the front & back covers together:

5. Finally, here are the finished notebooks:

6. I embellished the front covers a bit. I used a foam tape to secure the flower into place, and VitalFix super glue to fix the beads onto the cover. 

A few more shots of the finished notebooks:

Here's a list of Amie's products that I used in this project:

If you have any questions, feel free to write them down on the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them.

Hello everyone! Zakirah here. I'm a 27-year-old scrapper from Malaysia. I've been digiscrapping since 2008 and I'm loving it! I scrapbook about my family and myself, and hopefully in the coming future, my pages will be a reason for my family to smile & ponder about life.