Monday, January 26, 2015

Using PNGs in the Letterglow App.

I thought I should do a bit of a tutorial for those of you wanting to use my PNGs on your mobiles.  You will need an app like Letterglow or Phonto, and Dropbox.  I will go over the steps using letter glow in this tutorial.

First thing, you will need to upload the pngs you would like to use to Dropbox.

Then, you can choose to take a photo, or pull one from your camera roll.

Next, you can crop however you like. then, tap use.

The app will automatically add a text box for you.  You can just tap the x to delete it.

To add the PNGs from Dropbox, you will want to tap the little dotted square and then the plus sign.

Next, you want to tap import.

You will have the option to pull from your camera roll, or Dropbox.  I find it so much easier to pull the PNGs directly from Dropbox rather than saving to my camera roll.

Here is how my PNG files look when the app pulls up Dropbox.

The app will default the color of the PNG to white (keep in mind if you are using a white background.  You may not see the PNG and will need to change the color)  You can change the color by tapping on the color wheel.

you can scroll right and left to see all the colors and tap the check mark when the color has been chosen. 

You can change the opactiy of the PNG by tapping on the checkerboard and using the plus and minus symbols.

Once you have finished your edits, you will tap on the little downward triangle and tap done.

Then, you can save to your camera roll or upload to social media.

Let me know if you have any questions!

you can find the tutorial for using Phonto here


  1. hmm... i don't have the letterglow app but i think i'll go give it a look!

  2. Great tutorial! I had no idea I could use this app for this. Yay for digi scrapping on the go!

  3. The color wheel is not enabled for my .png file. Why do you suppose that is? Unfortunately, the .png is also black, so it is black on black in the selection window, making it invisible to select. :)

    1. Hi Stacy! I've run into this problem with PNG files that aren't true black. If it's even a dark dark gray, it won't let you change the color. Are you using one of my PNGs?