Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily 2014 │ Days 1-7

I switched to a handbook because I didn't like the tiny book plate on my DD album.  I wanted to use this little December 2014 that came in my Ali Edwards kit and there was no way it would fit in the little DD album plate. 

I really want to put my gold Christmas and twenty-fourteen banner on a transparency, but I am not nicknamed Murphy for nothing.  The cord for my Silhouette went poot and I am waiting on a replacement.  My sewing machine isn't working either so I will have to do any stitching in this album by hand or wait and see if I get a new machine for Christmas.  For now, I have taken the title page out and just have the free Reason Why page and a photo.

Day one is all about the tree.

Day two - House lights.  I may still add another photo under the Deck the Halls transparency.

After several attempts, I found that I like the house lights best at dusk with some sky in the back ground.  I also wanted to be able to see the tree light inside the house.  It took several days to actual get the right light since the best light is right during the time I am trying to make dinner!

Day three was a day about Ian.  He needed a hair cut and it is usually a traumatic event.  I ended up journaling on the tag under the big gold three.  The three is not attached to the tag so it can come out and be read.   Because he was so good at the haircut and while we shopped at Target, I got him a hot chocolate and a coffee for myself on the way out.  then I of course had to photograph the red cups with Ian shoveling in the background.

Day four was all about shopping for gifts and delivery of gifts I ordered!  Shopping is hard for me even without a two year old.  So I order online whenever possible.

I put the shopping list names on a piece of vellum.  I love adding them for extra journaling and a see through touch.

I went with a full size photo of the deliveries and then added journaling right on the photo in Photoshop.

Day five was a tough day for being a toddler.  Nothing seemed to go Ian's way in the morning and after lunch he had just had enough and after a tantrum, he took a  nap.  We went to see his grandma when he woke up so I could help her with Christmas cards and Ian got to play with her new-ish puppy.  
Saturday, Daddy wanted to go to I HOP for breakfast and that was sure an adventure.    

Day 7, on my list was about the stockings.  We don't have a fireplace or mantle, but I made due with the fireplace movie on Netflix. 
I still need to add the journaling of the day.  Probably on a piece of vellum that I will put over the photo of the wood pile.

Hope you are having fun with your albums and enjoying the holiday season!  I will post again either Friday or Monday as I get my pages done and photographed.


  1. This is AMAZING! I LOVE the added "I" and "P" to the "Ho, Ho, Ho" card, brilliant!

  2. Love that photo of the packages on your door step! Great idea. & gorgeous album, of course!

  3. These are beautiful! Is that journaling done in your handwriting or is that a font? I love it!

    1. Thank you! The handwriting font I use is by Ali Edwards from Creative Keepsakes. It was a freebie some time ago.

  4. Oh your book is just divine!! I looooooove all of your transparencies and vellum! And I actually really love how your "reason why" page looks over that first photo!! Beautiful!!

  5. Gorgeous album, your photos are beautiful and love how you incorporated your stories!