Friday, May 9, 2014

Day In The Life 2014 │ Pictures & Words

5:30am : Moo woke me up because his bowl was what he considered empty.  This usually means that any small portion of white is showing in the bowl.  

5:45am: Not going back to sleep, so I might as well start the coffee.  Time to check email and clear my groggy brain.

6:15am: Someone else is up

6:30am: Waving goodbye to daddy.  This week has been so cute as Ian has a routine after daddy puts on his shoes, he says, "hug, kiss" and daddy picks him up ans get his hug and kiss and a couple pats.  Then Ian says "down" and comes to me and repeats the hug kiss event.  I don't get a lot of toddler initiated hugs and kisses, so I am really enjoying it.  Then, Ian usually stands on the back of the chair and waves and says bye until daddy's car turns at the end of the block.

7:00am: Breakfast.  Blueberry waffle with yogurt and berries, milk, and juice.  And of course, Woof Woof (or as Ian says "foof") is on the chair as well. 

7:20am: Cleaning up the spot in the hall where the cat tossed his cookies. 

8:00am: Editing some photos I took of Ian and our new bubble machine. 

9:30am: Ian is playing with his cars and trucks, so I am putting together an album for my upcoming birthday.

10:00am:  had to run some errands to pick up prescriptions and get some groceries.  Ian had to bring "Pucky" in with us and played the fun game of drop Pucky on the floor in the store.  All dogs are now "Pucky".  he used to say it right.

11:30am: Lunch at Culvers.  They have the best chicken strips!  Ian poured salt all over the table while we waited for our food.  And then, stared down a lady who already had her fries.  Oh excuse me, "Fwies". 

12:30am: Project Mother's Day.  Shhhhh.  The only time I remembered to use the timer today.  I used the Gorilla Pod and Gorilla app.  It takes a burst of shots on the timer, so you don't have to run and check the photo and then retake.  

1:15pm:  The UPS truck was here!  Ian loves to get packages.  Mommy loved getting this package today.

1:30pm: After getting all the goodies sorted, Ian wanted a look at our album.

2:00pm: Finally!  Nap time!

2:30pm: Getting some chores done that are harder when Ian is awake.  He always wants to "help" with anything involving water.   

3:30pm: Then, some time to work on my Project Life pages for last week.  I normally do the prior week on Monday, but I needed some inspiration, and decided to wait for my Studio Calico supplies.  Hope I can finish and then, I hope we can get a decent day of sun to photograph the pages. 

4:30pm: Ian is up from his nap.  Time to play! (Well, Ian played.  Mommy went around gathering the garbages and changing out the cat litter)

5:00pm: Time to take out the garbage.  Ian loves to help with this.  And since it is clean-up week, there was quite a bit to help with.

6:00pm: Making some Chicken Wild Rice Soup for dinner on this cold and wet day.  I had some leftover roasted chicken to use up.  Ian doesn't always make dinner prep easy.  

7:00pm: Moo watching the clean-up week scavengers driving up and down our street. 

Gabby also watching.

7:30pm: Time for dessert.  I love this lemon yogurt.  When you mix these two, you get raspberry lemonade!

8:00pm:  And Ian and Moo are down.  

Have to pick up a bit in here.

9:00pm:  Time to get some rest.  

10:30pm: No photo, but had to get up with Ian.  His two year molars are coming in and he hasn't been sleeping well.  Tonight, we ended up sleeping together on the sofa.  

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I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  

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