Saturday, June 8, 2013

Feeling like a little black and white

Now that summer is here and the world is full of color again, I was moved to create a black and white page spread.  I do PL digitally and I take so many pictures, that I do a page for almost every day.  (Printing these someday, is going to be sooo expensive!)  But I do it to share Ian growing with his grandparents and other family who are not close by and don't get to see him so much.  Not to mention, I am a total digi hoarder.  I have so much stuff that I feel the need to make lots of pages so I can use all the great stuff the designers make out there! 

Because I make so many pages, I don't plan on blogging about every single one.  But I will post about any that I really like and think may inspire.  I will try to list all the goodies I use, but if there is something you see and I have forgotten, just leave a comment and I will let you know what it is. 

Top left is a card and the speech bubble card are from Jade (Becky Higgins Project Life at,  Love 4x6 sentiment box is Ali Edwards as well as Silly Goose, and the Wednesday line.  I really love the Scrap Ange weather overlay and it was free!  She also has many cool templates on her blog.  Click here

Tuesday is also from Ali Edwards ( messy day lines, Hello memories is another of her 4x6 sentiment boxes, the hello overlay is Karla Dudley ( from her Peachy collection, and her love card is from the Butterfly collection.  Good night brush is from Cathy Zielske (  The this view circle is from Paislee Press Road Trip. (  I use to make the qr codes. 

Hope you are Having a great summer!

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