Friday, October 21, 2016

Sabrina Poole │ Pocket Pages

My favorite way to document my family's lives is through pocket page scrapbooking. I discovered Project Life in 2009 and I have been hooked on pocket scrapbooking since. I now document our lives in digital pocket pages and I think it is such a wonderful way to look back on the blessings of everyday life.
This is Week 32 from August 2015. I used the Capture kit.

Week 37 was a week that didn't turn out as planned since we got sick. Amie's Actuality kit was the perfect choice to document this blah, meh week.

The last full week of 2015, Week 52, I documented with Believe. A soft, festive collection that let all the Christmas and December memories shine.

  I started memory keeping over 10 years ago and I absolute love it. I switched to digital 4 years ago and love it. Being able to celebrate the everyday and scrap the highs, lows, ups and downs are life is the best and is so therapeutic. My favorite stories to document are the everyday ones and I also love projects like Project Life, Week in a Life and December Daily. If I'm not scrapping I can be found reading a book and trying to reach my goal of 100 books or just chasing after my two kiddos- Captain and Sunshine. 

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