Monday, May 16, 2016

Week in the Life 2016 │ Saturday and Sunday Photos

Ian "tucked" Moo in for his middle morning nap.

Painting pictures is a big thing right now. It helped pass the time since Ian just couldn't wait for grandma and papa to come get him for a sleep over.

So are games.

He had to show grandma and papa his koala crate when they came to pick him up.

All packed and ready!

finally home after running some errands. I hate shopping on Saturdays.

We ordered Chinese and then watched a movie. Loved it! Of course, I love anything with Ryan Reynolds in it. lol

Sunday - Caught Moo drinking his water again.

Headed out to pick up Ian and visit with my family.

Fun with cousins

Bye bye Papa!

Jump Jump!

Might have been his favorite part of the sleep over. Riding in the side by side with papa.

When we got home, he jumped out of the car to go play with his friends, only to come home 5 minutes later all upset because they were all going swimming and he couldn't go too. I told him he needed to eat something and we could have  a picnic with fluffernutter sandwiches. All better!

And then, daddy said, lets go to the park!

And a little bike ride.

Found this at home.

Daddy made blue cheese burgers and baked beans for dinner.

Then read a few stories. 

Now to start working on my album! I have a few things that need to be done first, but I will be getting things ready in any spare moments I can find!

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