Monday, September 7, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 │ Title Page and Process

Since I always over think everything, I am trying to go super simple with the album this year and put everything together in Photoshop. I am using paper to plan my pages out though. I have just so many photos and stories to tell. I hope it will all fit in the album! 

For the back of the title page, I used one of Ali's Give Sunday PNGs. I thought this one was just perfect to include.

I printed several sheets of these boxes to plan out may pages. You can download the PDF here if you would like to print some for yourself. I ended up using more than one for Monday since I had so many stories to tell. It always seems to happen that way for me. I take tons of photos on Monday and the number trickles down by the weekend. 

How is your WITL project coming along? 

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