Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shannon Morgan │ Hybrid Inspiration

Happy Thursday!
Summer approaches ever closer (again, I say that in false merriment), and memories are just waiting to be documented!
Little Lamm and Co. has some really terrific collections just perfect for documenting all the fun times ahead!
Summer for me, the last few years has meant enduring many hours sitting in the heinous humidity that is Georgia so that my wonderfully spoiled children can swim and shriek with joy and sometimes frustration at the pool. I endure lots of curiously strange glances from all the Kool-Aid Moms as I refuse to wear bathing suits. I spend a lot of time texting my friends and reading (thank you kids!) so I can handle this with a semi-smile!
The smiles and silly in the pictures below, make uncomfortably sweating and incessant chatter about my pool fashion choices MORE THAN WORTH IT!

I used the Little Lamm & Co. Digital Capture Scrapbook Kit & Little Lamm & Co. Digital Capture Pocket Scrapbook Cards for this layout.

Thanks for letting me share with you today! Have a happy and safe summer!

My name is Shannon Morgan. I am a girl from the Great Lakes state inhabiting the South. I spend my time taking care of my family (Karl, Paddy, Mack, Cinna, Meg, Rock & a whole herd of fish) and trying to find serendipity in each day.  I’m a dreamer, I’m always looking at the world around me for inspiration. I love music, coffee, tattoos, Bill Murray, the color robin egg blue, water and animals of all kinds. My children sparked my need to scrapbook, I’ve always been creative…took art classes as a child, made books and paintings all the time, it just seemed fitting that I would document my children’s journey in this world. I’m very lucky to have a supportive husband and great parents and friends (who are my biggest fans). My goal in this life is to always try to do small things with great love, Blessed Mother Teresa said it best. <3 

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