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Carrie | Sep 1

Hybrid Word Art (Removable) Sticker
I’m always on the look-our for unique d├ęcor items to add to my home, but I’m just a little thrifty when it comes to actually purchasing these things. So I was quite excited when I recently came across a simple technique that has so many potential applications: making your own removable stickers using clear shipping tape.
The process is easy and straightforward. You’ll need a digital element (I used the “we are made of stories” element from the Anthology kit) printed onto plain ol’ printer paper, clear shipping tape (it’s just a little thicker and less likelyto tear than regular clear packing tape), a popsicle stick, and a bowl of water.
Open your digital element in Photoshop or whatever program you use to scrapbook.  I used the magic wand tool to select only the black part of the element, and hid the rest. I made three copies of the words (just in case I needed a spare), and printed the page. Grab a strip of shipping tape that's about two inches longer than your printed element, and stick the tape right over the words taking care to center the tape over the element. Make sure your tape is adhered without any wrinkles, then cut out your element. I left margins of about an inch on either side, and cut a good half inch above the tape on the top and bottom. Once you've cut out your element, take the popsicle stick and scribble over the words on the tape side to make sure they transfer completely. 

Drop your entire paper-tape into a bowl of water and let it soak for 1 minute. The edges will curl, and the paper will start to come off. After a minute, start gently peeling off the paper. You may have to rub the paper off, and I found that holding it in the water helped to get off the last few bits.

Being careful not to leave fingerprints on the sticky side, gently pat your sticker dry with something that doesn’t leave lint, and adhere it to any glass surface. You can peel it off and reposition it too, and it won’t leave any sticky residue behind. I added mine to the front of a fillable 8” glass block, and filled it with little dollar-rack LED string lights.

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One of those kids who filled notebook after notebook with stories straight out of her imagination, Carrie started scrapbooking as a way to tell her family's stories with pictures (and journaling, of course).  Living at 6,300 feet above sea level in Colorado, she and her family spend as much time as possible outdoors - hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping and skiing, or just reading and enjoying the view.

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