Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 │ Monday

Hello! I am am so happy to get my Monday pages done because that is what I need to motivate me to get the rest done. Once I see the photo and words from Monday, I want to hurry up and get the rest of the week all documented and pretty! 

I used these paper clip flags that I got in last year's Walden PL kit from Studio Calico. As soon as I saw them in my kit, I knew I was setting them aside for this album. 

This photo was just a lucky shot. I was actually trying to get Ian to smile when he yawned and it made the perfect Monday morning image! I just used an Ali week in the life PNG to put on my daily title pages along with the date since my WITL is a week off of Ali's. I also included my daily to do list on my daily title pages. I printed these photos sized 6.5x8.5 and then just punched holes directly into the photo paper. I had to make sure when putting my text on my photos that I was centering and taking the binder hole into account. I gave myself a half inch space on the right or left of the photo depending on if it was front or back. 

This library photo may just be my favorite of the entire week. I used a piece of vellum to print my text onto and stapled a little tab to turn it easier. I also have a 6x4 photo with a tab as an insert so show Ian's fun ferris wheel ride with his grandma that afternoon. 

Of course, we need to document one of Moo's naps too!  And more fun at the library and me making the bed after washing the sheets. 

It's so hot this week, that swim suits seem to me always hanging on the shower curtain rod. Had to have another talk with Ian about where it is appropriate to use his crayons. Got a bit of school clothes shopping done and Ian was so happy that the ice cream truck actually made it to our street once more this summer. 

I used a Kelly Purkey freebie to make the ice cream 3x4 card.

Farmer's market here is on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. I try to get there every time because I have to have some good tomatoes to go with all the basil I grew this year.
I used the 3x8 pocket to document our meals for the day. 

On the other side, I added the schedule for the day from my planner. And for Monday, I added a vellum insert to document all the stuff that happened during the day since I probably could have done an album on just today!

For the back page of Monday, I used a bathtime photo and one of the digital stamps from Ali's Am/PM stamp kit. I just adore little feets. 

That's all for today! I am off to work on my Tuesday pages!