Friday, May 1, 2015

New Release │ For Mom/Mum

I am just in love with this kit For Mom/Mum.  I love the colors, I love the theme, I have so many stories I would love to tell with it.  I only wish I had more photos of my mother!
My mom is the source of all my creative instinct.  I just remember her always making things when I was young.  Painting, sewing, gardening, she was great at making our house a home and making our lives brighter. I hope you all will love this kit as much as I do and I hope it helps you tell your ever so important stories too!  About you as a mother, your own mother, or perhaps even being a mother to some wonderful furry friends! 

The kit and card set will be on sale through Sunday.

Here is some inspiration from the team!  Please give them a hand!  I am so happy to have them. They did an incredible job with this!  

And be on the lookout Saturday for some (inter) National Scrapbook Day specials!

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