Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Little Word 2015 │ Create

This will be the first year I am doing One Little Word with Ali Edward's class.
Deciding on my word was really hard this year.  I just couldn't think of one that encompassed what I want to accomplish.

My life is far from perfect.  And the journey I am embarking on is likely going to be very personal and I am not certain how much of it I will be sharing as it isn't only my story.  But I will share what I can (creative-wise) 

The focus of my OLW will start with the relationships in my life.  I need to create a life that is a bit more peaceful and calm.  A life that a creative introvert like me can live without so much stress.  You all know how creative we are under stress right?

If you would also like to join the One Little Word classroom, you can find it here


  1. Hi Amie,
    What an inspiring word you've chosen - so many possibilities as to how you can manifest this in your life this year! I especially love all the quotes you've found & posted - what a great idea. I'm putting that on my to do list for today. Did you create the foil-embossed image? It's so beautiful! There you are using your word already! :)
    My word is 'nourish'. All the best with creating the life you want in 2015.
    Dani x

    1. Thanks Dani. The gold Create is from Cocorrina's website. I have the image linked, but here it is just in case. She makes beautiful desktop images.