Monday, July 14, 2014

Re-claming our Living Room

Reclaiming our living room started with moving all Ian's toys to his room.  The project is ongoing as hubby decided to get a riding lawn mower instead of some furniture for the house this year.  We have to move Ian to a big boy bed this summer too.  He is almost as long as his toddler bed already!  Sniff sniff, sigh.  So I need to figure out the best way to arrange his tiny little room.  When he is older, I think a platform bed would be awesome.  But not at 2-3 when he still rolls off his little bed several times a week! :)

I am happiest about the lamps being back on the floor.  They were both on top of 3-shelf bookcases since Ian was almost a year old and started climbing everything.  It is also nice to have side tables again.  I wish I could put our coffee table back in this space, but Ian would probably hit his head on it weekly.  

We desperately need a new sofa.  We just don't fit on our current one.  At least, hubs says we don't.  I pull the slipper chair over to turn my end into a chaise, and Ian sits between us for movies and stories.  I think it's cozy!  But I do agree that a new sofa is a must.  I like blue and all, but I am just tired of how much space this thing takes up.  We also need storage and a new media stand.  We need room for games and toys and albums and books.  

My office is still upstairs in the armoire and I have to have the ugly bookcases to hold the computer and albums and paper.  I hope we can update soon.  I really don't like having everything out in plain sight.  I can't move to the basement yet, as Ian would never stay out of the utility room or the cat boxes.  

I want this table out of here so badly!  It just doesn't fit the space.  It would be an awesome table in my office for working on projects though!  the biggest obstetrical in getting new furniture is that hubs and I don't agree on anything.  He likes glass and metal, and I like white and wood and traditional.

Dreaming of new dining room furniture. Everything in our space now, other than the slipper chair and armoire and "bar" are either hand me downs or just cheap junk that is on it's last legs.  

I'd love to see what any of you are doing for your little boy spaces and living areas.  Link me up in the comments!

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