Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Menu Planner │ Week 29

Just a few things in our garden box this week.  The onions smell so good!  I am not sure about what to do with the pea shoots so I will have to look that up.  Salad i'm sure. I want to grill those onions. 

The farmer's market opened this week and the turn out was pretty small, but we picked up some peas, hardneck garlic (with the scape on it!) and kohlrabi.  I haven't had kohlrabi yet, but I like almost anything that can be eaten raw and crunchy, and I think maybe I will roast some with potatoes since the weather is so cool this week.

I love peas from the garden!

Friday - Lunch - Fargo Street Fair
Dinner - Fargo Street Fair

Saturday - Lunch - Out for the day
Dinner - Grilled pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes in foil

Sunday - Lunch - Out with family for the day
Dinner -  Roasted chicken breasts and potatoes and kohlrabi

Wednesday - Lunch - Pork sandwiches with cucumber salad (leftover pork tenderloin)

Thursday - Lunch - Leftover chicken sandwiches and salad
Dinner - Mommy and baby class

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