Thursday, July 31, 2014

Menu Plan │ Week 32

I was so happy with our share this week.  This is more of what I was expecting.  The broccoli and radishes will likely be eaten as snacks with hummus (I will add the hummus recipe I use at the end of this post)  Cucumbers will be made into a cucumber salad that hubby loves to munch on for a snack. Salad for this gorgeous head of lettuce and the onions are getting grilled up whenever possible.  Going to have to hit the farmer's market in search of tomatoes again.  I haven't found any so far and our plants are still pretty green.    

Friday - Lunch - eat out while running errands
Dinner - Grilled pork tenderloin and summer vegetable tian 
( I tried this recipe out and the potatoes didn't cook all the way through so I will be parboiling them.  Otherwise, it was super delicious.)

Saturday - Lunch -  Lemon Chicken Fettuccini

Monday - Lunch - Avocado tuna salad
Dinner - Grilled chicken and green beans in foil with bacon, tomatoes, and onions

(I cook the bacon a bit in the microwave to give it a start, and dice the onions and tomatoes.  I add a bit of olive oil, thyme, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, to the foil and put it on the top rack while the chicken cooks.  I have also used sun-dried tomatoes in this recipe)

Wednesday - Lunch - leftovers

Thursday - Play date 
Dinner - Mommy and toddler class

Here is the recipe I use for hummus almost weekly.  I buy jarred roasted peppers though, instead of charring them myself. 

I made a Pinterest page for all the recipes I have used.  You can find it here

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