Thursday, July 3, 2014

Menu Plan │ Week 27

I plan my menus on Thursdays.  We receive our garden share that day and I take that with the circulars for the 2 grocery stores here to plan our meals for the week.  This week, the garden share was pretty disappointing.  I guess one cucumber, a tiny bit of bok choy and bok choy flowers, and  enough lettuce for 2 side salads is supposed to be enough for a family of 2 for a week.  I am not getting my money's worth so far this year. 
 When our local Farmer's Market opens for the season, they will be open on Mondays and Thursdays so this will still be a good day to plan.

This week, our supermarkets are having sales on ground beef and pasta, and other 4th of July foods.  Good time to stock up on a few things.  For summer, I pretty much look at the produce, dairy, and meat departments.  We don't go through too much in the way of cereal and I try to keep empty calories out of the house.  I can't eat it if it's not here!

I don't plan breakfast.  I just ask Ian if he wants waffles or cereal and then he has some yogurt and fruit with it.

So the plan for this week is

Friday - Lunch - Grilled chicken and cucumber salad
Dinner - Out for the 4th of July

Saturday - Lunch - Frittata with sausage & hash browns
Dinner - Hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, and grilled veggies

Sunday - Lunch - Out with family for the day

Monday - Lunch - Chicken cordon blue* with rice and broccoli

Tuesday - Lunch - Pizza and Caesar Salad

Wednesday - Lunch - Soup and Sandwiches
Dinner - Tuna pasta salad and fresh tomatoes with basil

Dinner - Mommy and baby class

I really don't make anything too difficult.  I need quick and easy with Ian.  It is so much easier to have a plan than to stress about what I am going to cook each day.  I have linked to a recipe I use when there is one.  We almost always have a side of tomatoes with a meal right now.  They are fresh and delicious and I just cut one up in pieces and salt and pepper it and that is our appetizer  I sometimes mix the tomatoes with fresh Mozzarella and basil for a dinner side.  Otherwise, I keep lots of bite size raw veggies in the fridge like carrots, bell peppers, celery, broccoli etc and hummus for dipping.

*Note - I make a dozen or so of the cordon blue chicken breasts and freeze for use later.

I do use an app for my menu planning.  Pepperplate lets you import recipes from many different sites or add your own.   and has a grocery list.  You can also save menus for special meals!

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