Friday, June 27, 2014

Favorite Things Friday │ My First Stitch Fix Box!

I hate shopping.  There is never anything in my size in the color I want when I go to the stores.  It's gotten to the point that unless I can buy it at Costco or Amazon, I just don't buy anything.  That is kind of putting me in a fashion rut!  I will go shopping with my mom for fun and find something once in a while, but rarely.
So when I heard about StitchFix, I was intrigued!
I wasn't very lucky with mine.  The colors were pretty and I was so excited when I opened the box.  But nothing was for me.  I am still looking forward to my next Stitch Fix in August.  I seriously hate shopping for clothes and I loved that everything I got in my box fit.

I loved these skinny jeans, but I already own a perfectly good pair and I never wear jeans in the summer.  Back they go. :(

I loved this shirt but there was a missing button.  

I had even purchased the same shirt in white a week prior.

And these items I didn't care for.  It is hot here in the summer and this sweater was a little too Flashdance for me.  I wasn't a fan of 80's clothes even in the 80s. 

And, while I thought this pink was lovely, this shirt looks exactly like something in my great grandmother's closet. Not a fan. A bit too bohemian for my classic style.

I must have forgotten to mark no earrings.  I can't wear these.  I only wear my diamond studs if I wear any earrings at all.  I love jewelry, but can't wear bracelets with my work.  Kind of the same with necklaces on a daily basis.  I wear my mommy necklace, but other things get in my way as I bend over 500 million times a day.  

I did love the colors and thought my stylist came close.  That is why I will try another fix.  If you would like to check them out, you can find them here and get started! 


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