Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Favorite Fonts: On Your Phone!

Paislee Press and a few other designers at The Lilypad introduced new ornamental fonts last night that you can load into the Over app or Phonto.  Karla Dudley has one this morning too!  So I spent the morning loading my favorites into Over so I can use them in my Instagram posts, not to mention, it's a way for me to get more scrapping done on my iPod. 
I am a huge user of digital brushes and these give exactly the same look! 
I am going to try to do a little tutorial on how to load your favorite fonts into the Over app.

Now, the Paislee Press font I purchased, I was able to download directly to my phone.  When I clicked the download button, a prompt to open in Over or Phonto appeared. 

To load other apps fonts, you will first have to upload to a Dropbox account or similar.  Make sure you are jus uploading the font and not the zip file it may have come in. 
When you open you Dropbox app and click on the font you want, you click the little download button and you will see something like this...

And you are done!  It opens Over and your font is loaded. 

Now, I can add my favorite designer  right to my camera phone pictures and upload them to be printed without having to use my computer and Photoshop!


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