Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Lamm MIA

I was so gung ho to have my Week in the Life album done this week.  I was derailed by faulty ink cartridges and now have to wait to order prints.  Phtt.  For some reason, I can't even look at scrapping unless it is to do with organizing my stash.  It must be the cooler weather coming in.  Just like spring, fall makes me want to scrub and organize and toss junk to the curb.

Finally getting my Lightroom 5 book and a Silhouette also kept me busy learning this week.  Plus I had to re-organize my scrap space to make room for the little cutting machine!

I did finally find a use for the baby food jars that had been taking up space in my armoire drawers.  They are perfect for little wood ellies!  I found a super cute bowl at TJ Maxx for the most used Washi.  and I repurposed a basket that used to house our remotes for brads and other goodies.  I found a home for my albums up where little hands can't get a hold of them. 
Then nap time was over and I had to shove a ton of junk into the cabinet and it still needs to be sorted out.  lol  At least the outside is in working order! 

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  1. Yep, I've been organizing too, every few months it hits and I'm just realizing it every time the seasons change! Must be something in the air! Sad about your printer but excited you got things organized ;)