Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Portable Project Life (and a freebie!)

I have been seeing many people asking on social media sights how to take their Project Life along on vacations and trips.  Here is my version of a portable Project Life kit.

Take one old free with purchase make up case, cardboard from a case of baby wipes, scissors, measuring tape, electrician's tape, and a box cutter.

I placed my most used goodies inside to space out the placement of cardboard.  Then I cut the cardboard pieces and used the electrician's tape to cover the rough edges and also to attach the cardboard pieces together. 

Insert into old make up case, and add goodies!  Voila!  Traveling PL case.  I may add some magnetic strips to the lid to attach pens and little magnetic cases for ellies.   

Now for the goodies.  If you absolutely must have a card to note the arrival of the new Prince of Cambridge, there is one on my freebie tab on the Little Lamm & Co. Facebook page.  I will be updating it with the wee one's name when it is announced.